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Veterans Disability Appeals Process

Our VA-accredited claims agents at The Rep For Vets® want disabled veterans to know that a negative decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs is not the end of the story. You have the right to appeal your disability rating. You were injured while fighting for us; now let our claims agents fight for you.


The Appeals Process

Our claims agents are experienced with the entire benefit application process, from initial application through final appeal. They do not back down, and will appeal your denial to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals if necessary.

Our claims agents make sure you meet the deadlines for any appeals and help gather additional evidence in support of your appeal. They will advise you about your options at each step and keep you informed about the status of your case. Having knowledgeable guidance throughout a long process can reduce the stress and anxiety of waiting. Our claims agents will be there for you.

Learn More About the Department of Veterans Affairs Appeals Process

If your initial application for VA disability benefits was denied, don’t give up. Many vets seek help from lawyers or claims agents when they find themselves in this situation, but your best option is almost certainly a VA-accredited claims agent at The Rep for Vets®.

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